“ My reading was very very helpful.......especially at this time in my life. It has immediately inspired me to return to who I am, even as I wind my way through the most tortuous and unfamiliar job I've ever had to do. I am deeply grateful for your knowledge and gifts and am so glad that I followed through on my hunches and took the leap of scheduling a session with you. ”

− D., CA


“ Thank you again for a great class! Human Design is so interesting & enlightening; along with the Intuitive/IST piece together, they make a pretty powerful combo! p.s. I'm so grateful to you for assisting me in uncovering the 13 PL so I could clear it! It was definitely one of the pieces in the way of moving along... ”

− K., CA


“ My session with you started lots of great movement in many areas of my life which was exactly what I wanted,... Thank you! ”

− L., Vancouver, BC


“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world ... as in being able to remake ourselves.”

− Mahatma Gandhi


“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? ... Your playing small does not serve the world.”

− Marianne Williamson


“I absolutely agree with
Dr. Chopra's view that if we want to change the world, we have to begin by changing ourselves.”

− His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Get your FREE Human Design 
Bodygraph Chart

($44 value)


More and more of us in this new era are seeing how magical and mystical life can be. We are finding our way into much broader, enriching and rewarding realms. Many of us are now exploring the spiritual aspects of our existence; observing our lives, the effects we have on the people around us, and how we are affecting the planet earth. Life today is increasingly complex, however, with so many decisions to make and puzzles to solve. We hunger for meaning and guidance and often want and need answers to life's many questions − here and now.

Insight arrow Empowerment arrow Healing arrow Transformation

As many of us already know, there are ancient tools for discovering what's going on, and why, which can help us to find our path. Throughout history successive generations have created intuitive guidance tools that reflected the vibration of their culture and their times − the I Ching in ancient China (the 64 I Ching gates and the 6 lines have now been scientifically proven to correlate to the 64 Codons of DNA and 6 of the bases that make up the nucleotides-thousands of years after the I Ching was developed); the Runes in Scandinavia; the Tarot in early Europe.


In 1987 a momentous, new system was born, aptly named Human Design (HD), which synthesizes Ancient Eastern Wisdom with Modern Western Science, into a whole that is so much more powerful than its parts. It is a way to ‘know thyself’, your life purpose, and even your soul purpose, based on your unique, specific blueprint, and comes with a ‘user manual’ for how to best move forward, make decisions, have thriving relationships and flourishing lives, as you live in alignment with your design and who you are here to be.


In the early 2000s, another new technique was born, utilizing principles from the Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience, called the Integrative Soul Technology Process (IST). IST, originated by Christel Hughes, C.Ht, is a tool and process used to create transformation in the mind, allowing you to rid yourself of blocks that might be holding you back in life. The process allows for you to identify a behavioral pattern within yourself and to take charge and authority over your energy and subconscious mind such that transformation can occur naturally. Through IST, you will be able to reclaim your energy and reprogram it so that it is in alignment with your goals and intentions and therefore you are going to feel able to move to the next level − being able to actually create what it is that you want to create.


With the above in mind, I founded Phoenix Institute, International (PII) to combine these two systems, along with others I have been trained in, into a unique, new, empowering, healing, and transformative modality. First you learn through HD who you are designed to be, how to align with that design to live your best life, how to make decisions and interact congruent with who you are, and why you are here. Then you move on to upgrading old beliefs, values, standards, patterns, and preferences that are no longer serving who you are today, into ones that do serve you in the present, through the IST process. I also use other accepted NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) processes and techniques, including Timeline Therapy. PII offers individual 1-on-1 HD, IST and combination package sessions, as well as classes, on a varying schedule, on Human Design and/or to go through specific types of IST and related exercises and upgrading, by topic, so you can learn the techniques for yourself.


My personal interest in Body Mind Spirit Medicine began many years ago when I started racing bicycles in the 80s; my interest in sports continued into the 90s and early 2000s, when I moved on to 5-day adventure races around the world. I continue racing trail Ultras though this may be my last year in 100 milers. As an engineer and research scientist, I have always had to prove anything new to myself in an experimental as well as experiential way or I could not embrace it. That approach to vetting both HD and IST has proven them to be scientifically reproducible in their results and every single HD design chart or IST session has continued to prove the validity of both.


My passion in the Body Mind Spirit area, Wellness, or Life in Balance as it is sometimes called, has led me to in-depth study, schooling and certification in Human Design, Quantum Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, Transformational Sciences, and the Integrative Soul Technology Process. I have also taken Human Design into a new realm, integrating it with the Life Sciences Multi-dimensional HD findings, my Intutitive Gifts of identifying blockages and where they originate, and how IST aspects (aka: personas) show up in a HD chart. This makes for a much clearer understanding of not only your day-to-day blueprint, but also your spiritual path, should you choose to embark on it, as well as identifying blockages to you opening to your gifts, and likely aspects that can be upgraded through IST, Timeline Therapy or other techniques, based on your specific HD design and what is going on in your life. This is a brand-new, cutting edge, scientific use of these multiple modalities.

Sessions and Readings

As a Shamanic Healer, my goal is to create the conditions to best support your wellness. The human body has amazing healing powers, when energies, nutrition, and lifestyle are supportive; basically, if we can get out of our own way! I love the way my Shamanic Teacher explained it: if you get bit by a snake, you first go to see a western medicine doctor to heal immediately whatever needs to be healed. After that, you go to your Shamanic Healer to find out why the snake bit you, and heal those energies so you don't draw in another potentially life-threatening incident. My most recent session addition is customized Shamanic Healing in 1/2 hour or 1 hour blocks of time. It may impact your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, or social enegies, or a combination of any of those, to continue to unveil your authentic energies and who you are to be, here on earth in human form.

One of my specialties is a Customized 2 to 3-hour Human Design session for those on their spiritual path using your multi-dimensional charts-this is only for previous clients who have had a Basic session with me AND who are Academy for the Soul Level 3 Graduate OR approved by me (see below in Sessions section). For 1st time clients, the Customized Basic Session is a great value and very in-depth. Note that I only do a limited number of sessions now, due to moving into the next phase of my life and soul purpose.

I do the following readings for returning clients who have had a Customized Basic Human Design Session or a Journey of the Soul Session and are looking for the next step to better align with their Design and who they are here to be, along with what is blocking them from taking their next step(s) along their spiritual path. [I do other intuitive readings that are not listed, as well; if you have something you would like checked, please contact me at the below email address, I will let you know the fee, and we can go from there). And, I also do a limited number of the below listed IST/blockage clearing/upleveling sessions.

Soul Alignment Readings (Pre-requisite: Customized Basic Human Design or JotS Session with me-required):

Customized 1/2-Hour Soul Alignment Reading: 

If you are working on moving forward on your awareness/spiritual path, it can be helpful to know where you are at in the present: How aligned are you with your Human Design Earthplane energies and Life Purpose work? What percentage of your multi-dimensional layers have come in on your path? And what blockages are keeping your from being more aligned and further on your path, including the point of origin, the emotions, the false beliefs, whether the blockage energies are Karmic or not, the Karmic lesson to be learned, and whether it is time that the old Karma can be cleared. I will check other areas that you have a specific interest in knowing more about, at your request.

Client Status/Price

Customized 1-Hour Soul Alignment Reading: 

More in-depth than the 1/2 hour reading. If you are working on moving forward on your awareness/spiritual path, it can be helpful to know where you are at in the present: How aligned are you with your Human Design Earthplane energies and Life Purpose work? What percentage of your multi-dimensional layers have come in on your path? And what blockages are keeping your from being more aligned and further on your path, including the point of origin, the emotions, the false beliefs, whether the blockage energies are Karmic or not, the Karmic lesson to be learned, and whether it is time that the old Karma can be cleared. I will check other areas that you have a specific interest in knowing more about, at your request.

Client Status/Price



Customized, Basic 2-hour, recorded, Individual Human Design (HD) Session-Value $494 for $247:

Understanding your design and actions to take that will align you with your best life/who you are here to be, geared towards an area you want more information about or are struggling with, including intuitive readings as appropriate.


Customized 1 Hour, recorded, IST Session with a 15-minute Pre-call:


My Specialty: 3-ish hour Customized Human Design Session for those on their Spiritual Path using your Multi-Dimensional Charts:

This live session is recorded for your later access.
> The three-ish hour session breaks down into about 45 minutes at the start, on key Earthplane Chart aspects that are pertinent to your multi-dimensional charts spiritual path journey and energies, and about one hour 45 minutes around the energies that come in as you move forward along your spiritual path. I do check to see what percentage these spiritual path energies have come in. More specifics of the 3-ish hour session follow:
> How your Earthplane Life Purpose and the lens you filter everything in your life through shifts as your three multi-dimensional energy layers come in, as you move along your spiritual path.
> How the life challenge(s) you are here to master shift as those three multi-dimensional layer energies come in and how that integrates into your Earthplane Life Purpose and shifts it into your Soul Purpose, as those energies are mastered.
> The magical possibilities of how your Soul Purpose and Earthplane Chart energies could evolve as you move along your spiritual path and your multi-dimensional energies continue to come in, shifting your Soul Purpose, especially as depicted by the last two multi-dimensional layers from the Mystical Inspiration World Incarnation Crosses and Chirons..
> As time allows, I will intuitively look at any areas you are struggling with, to identify where your blocks are, their origin, associated low vibrational emotions and false beliefs, and whether the energies are Karmic or not. If you know the IST process, you can uplevel the energies yourself. Otherwise, you can find an IST certified practitioner to help you with removing those blocks. If it resonates with you, and with me, and my schedule allows, we can set up an IST session. Otherwise, I can refer you to someone qualified. We do get into your potential connections to other realms, other worlds, and other entities (animals, nature, elementals, devas, etc), as well as other world knowing about the past, the present, the future, etc. as you move (well) along your spiritual path

I offer this 3-ish hour session for the special rate of $333 (a $666+ value), because it is so important to know your multi-dimensional path energies, and I was guided by the Divine to do so :)

Classes and Events

Academy for the Soul Radio is a Free Teleseries "Bringing Intuition to Life" There will be free shows every week hosted by The Academy for the Soul Master Teachers.  I am only sporadically hosting a broadcast anymore, guided by the Universe. One of my prior series was about  Relationships and How men and women's differences in basic instincts and wiring cause mischief! Text me if you'd like the link to the replays. Be sure to sign up for this Free series to receive access to the Free Gifts, Radio Show lineup and gain access to the Replays. Sign up here: http://AcademyForTheSoul/Radio

New! Shamanic Healing broadcasts :

Change Your Time of Conception Energies; Change Your Life 

Listen by phone: (425) 440-5010; Code: 758884#

I will be doing Live Readings for phone participants and via the Q&A box. So if you aren't able to attend the Live Call feel free to enter your question in the Q&A box prior to the show and I will get to as many of you as I possibly can!

Self-Love Series; due to a great response I have made the replays available on a pay what you want basis. Just use the following button to enter any amount if you'd like to contribute; zero to anything. Otherwise just access the replays. 

Class and event information will be added as it is scheduled and products will be added as they are developed.


PAST EVENT with CURRENT SPECIAL OFFERS: The 'Penta and Human Design' interview with me by Reverend Patricia Brooks on her Sacred Stories Telesummit

Please bear with me as this website continues its expansion. It will eventually include additional information about HD, IST, products, and scheduling. It will also include links to my affiliates and useful freebies.

Contact Information for Phoenix Institute, International

Much Love and Abundant Joy,

   Elise Harrington, P.E.
   Shamanic Healer
   Body Mind Spirit Empowerment and Transformation Specialist
   Quantum Energy Medicine Practitioner, Eden Inner Source Trained
   Human Design Specialist, Level 4+ Certified by Karen Parker/aka Curry
   Multi-dimensional Human Design Charts Research Scientist and Specialist
   IST Process and Multi-sensory Intuitive Strategist, Certified by Christel    Hughes, C. Ht
   Master Teacher, Academy for the Soul
   Master Teacher and Founder, Phoenix Institute, International